Important Notice

For the safety of clients, the following measures will be in place:

1. All clients must wear a mask and present their Macau Health Green Code upon entering PhysioOne.

2. Temperature will be taken for all clients entering PhysioOne.

3. We ask that all clients wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before their sessions.

4. If you are experiencing fever, cough, breathing difficulties or diarrhea, please do not enter PhysioOne and seek medical attention at the hospital immediately.

5. Please refrain from bringing companions with you unless it is necessary. Thank you for your attention.


1. 當客人進入診所範圍時,敬請佩帶口罩及出示澳門綠色健康碼。

2. 所有進入診所人士,均需量度體溫。

3. 敬請每位應診人士,在治療之前,均需洗手或使用搓手液清潔雙手。

4. 如閣下有以下徵狀:發熱、咳嗽、呼吸困難或腹瀉,請不要進入本診所,應盡快到醫院求醫。

5. 如非必要,請勿帶同隨行人士應診。 敬請留意上述事項,不便之處,敬請原諒,謝謝。


In response to the pandemic situation, we are offering tele-consultations. Through an online video link, our physiotherapist can assess your problem and advice you on an appropriate treatment strategy, from the comfort of your home. Consultations can be conducted in Chinese or English. To book an online appointment, please complete the following form:




Monday – 2:00pm  – 7:30pm
Tuesday to Friday – 10:30 am – 7:30 pm
Saturday – 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Sunday and Public Holidays - Closed
星期一 - 下午2時 - 下午7時半
星期二 至星期五 - 上午10時半 - 下午7時半
星期六 - 上午9時至下午4時半
星期日及公眾假期 - 休息

Rua de Ferreira do Amaral 11-E,
1st to 3rd floor, Macau 
Telephone: 28353119, 28353156
地址: 澳門東望洋街十一號E,-至三樓
聯繫電話:(+853)28353119/ (+853)28353156
Direction for Taxi driver


For Taxi Driver: PhysioOne Physiotherapy Centre

澳門東望洋街11號E (士多紐拜斯, 過塔石後,

Rua de Ferreira do Amaral 11-E, 1st to 3rd floor, Macau 
Telephone 電話: 28353119

Wendy Chan Weng In 陳穎妍
Registered Therapist (Physiotherapy), Canada, Hong Kong and Macau
Yonnie Wong Weng Ian黃詠欣
Registered Therapist (Physiotherapy), Australia, Hong Kong and Macau
Amy Lao Sio I劉笑怡
Registered Therapist (Physiotherapy), Australia, Hong Kong and Macau